Sunday 18 January 2015


Lydia is now smiling, which is just lovely. She also makes some happy-sounding noises which is all very good.

Unfortunately, between slow-reaction camera phones, bright flashes and a possible aversion to cameras, it's proving quite hard to capture. Here are our attempts so far...

"What's that you've got there?"

Tee hee!

Too sleepy!

Too bright!

Feelin' fine!


I mock your attempts to photograph me.

Really, what ARE you doing my good fellow?

If I move fast, your poor quality shutter speed will foil your endeavours.

What's that thing up there? It looks so ceiling-y.

Oooh, sly.

You're not going to do it!

Oh, this is hard work. I'm either going to fall asleep or sneeze. Or both.

There, a good sleepy sneeze does the trick.

You're still not going to do this!

Nah nah!

Okay, I'm fed up with you trying. Milk please. NOW.

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