Tuesday 28 July 2015

Holiday weeks three and four

I thought I had done a week three post but apparently not. The holidays feel like they slipping away from me and my baby will soon be at school but here, in no particular order are some pictures from the last couple of weeks

Church was just a little bit too much for poor Lydia to bare!

I have been making Naomi's school pinafores, I am well aware that one can buy them for not much money but Naomi loves wearing things I make her and I hoping it might help her be a bit more confident in those early days if she has something special from mummy. You will see more of these pictures as the weeks progress but I am *nearly* there!

Sandy went away (with work) but Edna was here so I still got to keep up my rigorous tea drinking schedule!

Miriam made a tiger (we do love doing a bit of craft)

Naomi made lolly stick ponies

School uniform taking shape!

Lydia has now masted forwards motion but for a little while she could only go backwards, I probably shouldn't have laughed at all the places she got stuck (but I did!)

I love technology that allows us to chat with Sandy while he's away but for part of our skype call he was sideways!

Holidays mean lots of play dates

The weather this holiday is proving to be rubbish with LOTS of rain, so any dry spell we get I insist the children play outdoors

While Edna was staying with us it was her birthday so we had all sorts of party type activities

We also went to a children's play area so she and I could get a coffee while the children played.  This place is near the safari park, one of the monkeys had escaped and took up residence in the cafe! Was the source of much hilarity although Naomi was happier once he had been caught.

The girls "decorated" Grandma's birthday cake!

School uniform production line!

I can CRAWL!

There's a story behind these shoes, that's for another day, though, here are the school shoes though. (*weeps* how can my baby be big enough for school?)

Trying on the pinafore so I can work out how much to hem!

Daddy came home with presents, he gave Lydia a teddy. She loves it. If anyone is going to Madrid soon can you let me know, we might need a second!! ;-)

For some reason Daddy saw castonettes and thought they would be a great idea! I guess his ears spend more time out the house than mine ;-)

Some things never change, though, like Cat being ever present!

We upcycled Naomi's old high chair for Miriam. "It's pink!" Really, I hadn't noticed! ;-)

We went to Miriam's good friend Miriam's birthday party (it's confusing as you think!)

We had an afternoon of being tigers

I am less than enamoured by the weather :-(

We've managed the odd park trip though (and yes, that's Auntie Liz who was another welcome visitor)

We've had friends come to play

Naomi and Miriam painted some paster butterflies, I wish I had checked how much they cost before I said yes, though!

Sandy and I even managed to get out on a date and go for dinner :-)

This was the view from the restaurant, it was even more stunning in person

Liz and I went to Nandos (Lydia came too but don't tell the girls they were playing at a play scheme at the time!) I wish I had a photo of Lydia eating frozen chocolate yoghurt!

And, if all else fails. Paint!

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