Friday 25 March 2016


Another wee trip for work - just a couple of days this time for a meeting of the DAASE project to demonstrate to our funders that they are getting lots of good work for their money (their response was that they are happy - so all is well).

This meant a return to Cumberland Lodge, Windsor - I've been there once before in connection with the airports project. It's a lovely place to go, and very peaceful: quite suitable for a load of academics musing on things of great importance (and various other things of probably much less importance). I was mainly there to talk about some work I've done with Air France KLM on one of their bits of simulation software. It all seemed to be received well enough, and it was a good chance to catch up with some other people on the project as well. Now for some nice pictures of a spectacular pictures of Windsor Great Park...

View from my bedroom window

My room was just near the scafolding - the meeting was downstairs. Most convenient.

The main Cumberland Lodge building

The bright bit in the distance is Windsor Castle

George III apparently - or at least a coppery likeness of him

I thought this patch looked rather like it could be in Aberdeenshire somewhere

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