Saturday 15 October 2016


Having neglected to blog much over the past few months, here is a bit of a round up of all we've been up to that didn't make it into separate posts.

In particular, the summer of 2016 has been considerably less wet than 2015, so we've had a lot of this:

Quite unnecessary!

Lots of fun indoors and outdoors...

Miriam got these glow sticks on a very much enjoyed visit to Glasgow Science Centre with her nursery (Naomi was able to go too)

Lydia has really learned how to play over the summer

Various treats...

We had a few visits from grandparents, meaning we could occasionally go out on extravagant dates...

Naomi's school had a fun day with lots of nice activities...
Miriam likes fire engines, but being presented with a real one was a bit TOO exciting.

We had a few visits back to Aberdeenshire seeing lots of family and friends, with lots of time for play...

A long evening walk around New Deer showing just how nice Aberdeenshire can be

An extravagant date - including cinema! - in Aberdeen
 Baking fun...

Making pizzas...


Naomi went to a climbing wall with her cousins

We took a trip to London, via friends in Whitley Bay and Loughborough...

Steam train in Chingford!

Train into central London for the day
 A visit to the Natural History Musem went down well.

A nice walk out the back of my Sister's house led up a hill to a view over London

A visit to Beacon Hill near Loughborough

A road trip means lunch stops!

We even got some rest in.

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