Saturday 12 November 2016


Is what you need, apparently (see here and here to get that joke!). Lydia is now 2 - and dedicated too! Really, it's already been two whole years.

Not wishing to have too quiet a day, we arranged Lydia's dedication for the same day as her second birthday, with a party for both in the church after Sunday service was done. A genuinely tiring day but one that seemed to be fun for all. So many friends and family managed to be there to join us and make it extra special for our little girl.

Lydia loves her new dolly pram and various dolly related toys

Also plenty of new stories

Bath drums - these really do exist - and she really loves to play on them. She even has a bit of rhythm!

Fancy clothes on for the dedication

The beginning of a lot of cake and treat these past two weeks. Jay has really been excelling herself.

The furthest traveller by far was our friend Rick who had "just popped over" from Pennsylvania. He is Lydia's god father and beyond proud of her! He is also good at reading stories.

Lydia is only briefly mentioned in the Bible - a businesswoman selling purple cloth, but also importantly appears to have been a leader of one of the first churches - but my Mum was determined to get "her story" as she did for Naomi and Miriam. Here it is.

An excited godfather and goddaughter.

Happy Birthday too!

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