Saturday 19 November 2016

Miriam is four!

Although she's been so excited about it, it feels like she's been four for months.

 We started the morning with some very excited present opening.

A thoughtful Grandma had also sent a couple of small presents for Naomi and Lydia to open so they didn't feel left out!

One of the sweetest things was this present. Naomi decided that she wanted to buy her sister a present, and volunteered her own tooth fairy pennies to buy it!

Then it was off to NURSERY! One of the best places one can spend a day.

On returning home it was time to play with all those new toys...

Yes, a light-up My Little Pony.
To much of the time, our house is now plunged
into darkness so we can bask in its glory.

This is really neat - basically, Kerplunk Game but with monkeys instead of marbles.
Their curly tails get caught on the sticks so it's a bit more interesting!

We conclude the day with our best friend Connie round to dinner and a cake with more KitKats than you've ever seen. Hooray!

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