Sunday 8 January 2017

Christmas 2016

Time for the obligatory round up of activities over this Christmas. The short version: three very excited girls, lots of friends and family, and two tired but happy parents!

The girls added some more of their own decorations to this year's tree. Well done!

Naomi was the lead role in her school's nativity "Upsy-Daisy Angel".
She really gave a star performance!

A visit to Granny and Granddad's ahead of Christmas - with a fun trip to their park.

Lots of sweet treats at Granny's!

Christmas eve and the obligatory items for Santa.

Alternative use for present carriers
"look Granny!"

Over to Grandma and Granddad's house on Christmas Day. More sweet treats await.

More presents - Lydia loves her Mr Potato Head

and her new dolly!

I was particularly excited that there was snow on Boxing Day.
Combined with cousins to play with, this was a brilliant day.

Lydia's first snowman

Miriam's first snowman larger than a carrot.

Granddad enjoying a compact game of table tennis (or "wiff waff")


I took this picture as I don't have a copy of the photo at home.
That's Prince Phil on the right, and me on the left receiving a Gold Duke of Edinburgh award.
I always felt it looked like I'd been identified for some crime.

Lemon panattoni - really very good.

Having a few more adults on hand to supervise (as well as being helpful for the sickness bugs that hit us all over the holidays) meant that the much loved activity of play dough could happen.

The girls also made me some birthday cakes

and a butterfly - what's not to like?

Naomi and her cousin drew up detailed plans for my birthday party.

Then ran the show very effectively. I had a lovely time.

One of the many party games. This was "chocolate six" - lifted straight from our church Christmas party.

More food!

Maybe a hint of the fun being had by all.

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