Saturday 28 January 2017

New House!

So, we moved house. We now have an extra bedroom for all those children that seem to be around here!

I thought before the whole process kicked off I'd get a picture of the girls' room at the old place. This was Lydia settling down to sleep.

The day we got the keys for the new house. Excitement all round!

Ahead of the move, we got all the childrens' clothes and other storage things down from the loft.
Maybe we need two houses :(


Moving day - oh dear, snow. The only weekend of the year when it snows.

Thanks to help from a lot of family and friends, we managed to move with pretty much only this van. Yeah, I got to drive a van. Awesome.
Despite having A LOT of help (thanks very much), moving day is still tiring and stressful.

Nevertheless, it's pleasing to have a new house.
 Another pleasing thing about the house is that it's ours...
So the girls can have pink walls in their room 
We can hide washing machines in another room, and have our dishwasher back
 and I can cut massive holes in the ceiling to give us a rather safer means of accessing all that gubbins in the loft.

The view from our bedroom window.

The girls settle in to their new bedroom. Lydia also made the switch to her big girl bed.

and we can now resume with all the usual stuff of life! Settled just in time for Naomi's birthday!

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