Monday 3 April 2017


The past few months have been rather full, so I've gathered quite a collection of pictures covering the various goings-on. Some go back a good few months so there are a mixture of old and new house, and slightly younger children. Here we go...

I just enjoyed this message on my phone!
(the MI6 one)

Lydia playing with her toys in the new house, some time before we'd really unpacked

I frequently play hide and seek with Miriam and Lydia when Naomi's out at gymnastics. It's quite easy really, 9/10 times they're hiding in a box.

The girls have provided me with some decorations for my office

Naomi got this castle for her 5th birthday. Only 13 months later, it was complete!

Beautiful wife ready for date night.

Lydia reading her bear a story. This book has textures to feel on every page, so she's helping bear feel them.

Granny and Grandad took us to the park in Dunfermline a few weeks back for a lovely Sunday afternoon. Miriam is just visible on the massive slide here.

A day at the park is truly complete with ice cream!

Naomi's card making skills are coming on *very* well.

Lydia loves to care for her dollies.

Miriam is currently very much in to picking daisies for people. This is mine :)

Fun and games in the evening.

Miriam with her new dolly.

Lydia going for "very cute"
Bath time is always a time for calming down and getting ready for bed!

Miriam has always looked cool in sunglasses.
Now she has real glasses they work even better!

Lydia appears to be looking for something... 
Naomi staying up late with me to watch Eurovision last year.

Fun and games in the garden

Some baby swans on campus last year 
...a humorous alternative to your own lips! 
Another late night for our big little girl!

I think I might have been using the front-facing camera by mistake. That's my staff room ceiling behind me.

Craft is becoming more impressive too.

"I'm not up to anything!"

We got a bubble making machine. True joy to be had.


Naomi is looking far too grown up these days.
She also loves going to Rainbows.

Bed time chaos

Jay had taken Naomi out swimming. This is Lydia waiting for them to come back (40 minutes too early) 

Lydia loves to bounce.

she also loves these drums she got for her birthday.

glow stick fascination

and yet more craft

I can't express how much I love this picture.
Miriam got a mask with her magazine treat, and even wore it to bed.

Lydia getting in to dressing up when on holiday at Grandma & Grandad's house

Parents getting an evening off

Grandma loves to bake with the girls. I think they like it too!


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