Friday 30 June 2017

Fancy dress week

This week I'm calling fancy dress week! For someone with a low tolerance for high temperatures, it has all been a bit much. I also had several people look mildly surprised that I do in fact own a suit.

On Tuesday I was in business dress as I went to a company in Edinburgh to talk about a possible partnership. All very interesting but I genuinely think they'd need to send someone to kill you if I told you what they do.

Wednesday was graduation day: as I knew several of the students who were graduating (a couple of the PhDs and my first honours project student) I joined the procession of all the academics. In return for doing a LOT of clapping, I got to wear the fancy gear again! Just like being in a magical story about wizards or something. I love my job - wear else could you get to look like this for the day?

Sorry for the serious face!
I don't do many selfies and it took a lot of concentration.
Yesterday I was in London at Queen Mary University being the "external assessor" for a first year PhD student. Very hard work as I needed to be critical about the students efforts in a few places. Hopefully it was of some help to him though. I also got a chance to catch up with a few people I work with there - it was a long day, leaving the house before 7am and returning after 11pm. Looking forward to the weekend now :)

Back to London City again...

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