Monday 5 June 2017


More work travel. A couple of weeks back I was in Swansea at the Digital Economy Crucible. More training and networking, and generally good stuff. These are particularly good because they bring together researchers from lots of different backgrounds and there's a chance for really original ideas to come out of it all. Last year's Scottish Crucible let to me being involved in the Crowd Sound project, so hopefully something else will come out of this one. I'm attending two more stints in Edinburgh and London over the next couple of months too.

In related news, I have a blog post on some recent work I did here that some of you might find interesting. It's about reducing the electrical power consumed by software.

Best hotel room view for some time!

The venue. We also had a meal at the top of the tower!

Swansea. Apparently Bonnie Tyler lives around here somewhere.

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