Friday 16 February 2018


Most of you will know by now but I've now got a new job: from 1 June I'll be a Lecturer at the University of Stirling (technically it's "Lecturer in Cyber Security"... more on that some time!) In practical terms for our family the crucial thing about this is that it's permanent, so for the first time since the move to Loughborough we can properly plan long-term! We no longer need to worry about relocating, changing schools, whether it's really worth commiting to that, or painting this or that because it won't be long before we move etc, etc. Work-wise it means I can also do my own research rather than working for someone else (though in practice I've been more-or-less doing that for a while), and I'll now have a load of teaching to do. Somewhat excitingly I'll also get an office to myself (I have never had this before!) and I took a look at it today, it's great! Here's the view from the window...

Very exciting indeed, and as always God's timing is perfect. Being a post doc researcher has been a lot of fun and gave us time and flexibility to figure out family life right when we needed it. Now we have security at just the right time too.

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