Tuesday 6 February 2018


Naomi was desperate to go skating, despite never having been. She has been asking for ages so we said she could invite some friends and go for a birthday treat. If I am honest, I thought she would be awful but she was anything but, really good and I even had a bit of fun! (I ached everywhere for days after, though!!)

Excited in the queue, this might be my favourite ever picture of Naomi

getting brave enough to go round on her own (albeit near the wall)

She is getting too cool to smile for the camera

"Try and look like you're enjoying yourself"

Lydia was getting on really well with a penguin!

Mummy and Naomi together

Mummy and Lydia

Mummy and Naomi

Myummy and Miriam

It was a slippy, slidey, fally kind of affair

Lots of fun was had and she says she wants to go again

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