Saturday 6 October 2018

New office

I've been in my new job a few months now (proper teaching starts for me in a couple of weeks!), and one of the perks of Stirling is that all lecturers get a pretty generous office to themselves. This is apparently because the university was built with the intention that staff would host small tutorials of a few students in their rooms, but higher education changed pretty soon after that to the larger groups we have today. It is still useful to have space for meetings with project groups, and frequent meetings with other researchers though. If one is having a hard day it's also good just to shut the door and have a lie down! I know one person who had an easy chair for such things, and another with a full hammock, but I'm not quite there yet.

I had one of these rooms before, but shared with my Greek chum Michael (now at Lancaster University) - but this one is all mine! I posted a few pics before, and here's me now all settled in...

First up, my old office door. That's my poster to the right, it's now moved to my new room.
I had - rather by accident - spread out to fill two desks in my old room.

Research Fellow no more!


The view out of my window
 Now the new room... first, in its empty state pre-moving in.

and now with all my stuff! 
Look at those lovely fast machines behind my chair. Great.

Umbrella collection behind the door.

I didn't have a photo of my Japanese umbrella before. Here it is.

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