Thursday 27 September 2018

More Baking

Time for a delicious post... a delightful mixture of date night baking and cooking with the children. This lot spans October 2016 to last week so some of the child pictures are a bit on the young side!

Little comment here except to say that most of the below did taste as good as it looks.

This has become the indulgent meal of choice. Waffles with everything.


Next up, we had a go at crumpets...

Making biscuits

Some kind of sponge. We forget exactly what....

more biscuits!

and cookies!

My favourite is profiteroles...

These coconut bites were brilliant.
I remember them going very quickly indeed.

Bakewells. One comment we received was that they "really taste like Bakewells".
I think that's an endorsement.

Home made breadsticks.

These were legendary...

Roulade (this was just last week)

Swiss roll.

More profiteroles!
This time with creme patissiere filling rather than cream.

Obligatory Yorkshire puds for roast chicken

A couple of years ago we got a cake pop maker for Christmas. Here are some cake pops!
Usually they go on a stick but they taste as good without one.

A waffle stack bookend to the deliciousness.

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