Wednesday 9 March 2011


Yesterday was my birthday, my first as a Mum and I had a truly wonderful day.  Thanks to everyone who sent cards presents or well-wishes, they were all lovely to receive.  By the end of the day I was well and truly spoiled, with Sandy having gone into work late so I could have a bit of a long lie while he sorted Naomi and he also brought me tea in bed :-) (I even got to drink it while it was hot!)

Later in the day my very good friend Liz Lynch came to visit, it was lovely to see her again and so I am very pleased she took the time to come from Oxford where she was visiting friends to come and see me and Naomi (and Sandy, but let's face it, he is far less important ;-) ) we even managed to go out for a drink in the evening while she made sure Naomi went to bed and sleep.

Today I have been having a good play on one of my main presents, Sandy got me Wii Fit Plus and today I have been doing a bit of a work out to try and remove that pregnancy weight.  It turns out that Naomi likes it as much as me as I can stick her in the sling and she likes the jiggling motion, although I have to choose the games carefully to make sure she isn't being thrown all over the place! It also means I have some extra weight to carry and so the work out is all the more effective!

Thanks for reading, as your reward you may see a picture of Naomi enjoying her wrist rattle!


  1. You are a super mum! Can I come and see you road trip style in May or June?

  2. you can, although we are planning on coming North round about then, so we shall need to make sure we don't clash!

  3. I think we need some photo evidence of Naomi doing Wii Fit! (Does the Wii not get confused about the fact that you are suddenly 9lbs heavier?!)

  4. The Wii frequently tells me that my weight seems to have changed from the last time I was using it, although as long as I am not doing the "body test" it doesn't mind and I can continue anyway!