Sunday 13 March 2011

London Baby!!

Yesterday, Naomi and I ventured into London for the day.  We were really going to Bromley so that I could attend the DNA reunion and see loads of people from last year, so Naomi's experience of London proper is mainly of St Pancras railway station and the Victoria line on the underground!

We had a fabulous day and Naomi was (largely) very good.  In the car Naomi is very unhappy when the speed goes below 54mph, in the train she wriggled a lot when we slowed down for stations but didn't cry, I think because she was in the sling.

Here is a photo of her first experience on a train

I had an absolute blast meeting up with old friends and seeing the DNA team again, DNA was such a great experience for me and it was great to revisit that.  Also, I was pregnant by the end of DNA so it was great to be able to introduce Naomi to people!

Unfortunately our precious little girl wasn't quite so happy on the way home and cried most of the way and as such I ended up having to stand from London to Loughborough to try and calm her, I also ended up in the section between carriages so that we didn't end up deafening the other passengers! I was tired by the time we got home but all is forgiven after a god night's sleep!

Thanks for reading!


  1. awwww. Katie is ok on trains but doesn't like the slowing down for stations or indeed the general noise of the stations themselves. Cardiff's announcements boom out continuously, in Welsh and then in its neverending. Glad you managed London ok. xx

  2. Well done for venturing so far with a little baby. I just found you on Twitter. Having a wee peak at your blog.
    It is lovely.
    How are you getting on with your sling?
    Your feb pic you were wearing it quite badly, first time on though.
    It looks better in this pic.
    Soz if I am being awful and nosey.
    Would you mind if I advised that you wear it over your shoulders, less close to your neck, and pull it down as far as you can down your back. So the weight is spread over your back.

  3. Apologies for an awful first post, blush.

  4. Don't worry, in that first pic it was the first time I wore it and I agree it was put on terribly, we have the hang of it much better now!