Wednesday 23 March 2011

Bathing success again!

Naomi used to love baths and we were sad that instead of her usual kickign about she had started screaming as soon as she hit the water.  After a long process of eliminating possible problems we are almost certain that the issue was the water was too hot (for her liking rather than in a dangerous kind of way).  We have now started making sure the water is a reduced temperature again and she is back to loving it.

For obvious reasons we cannot put the video of Naomi enjoying the bath on the Internet and so to give you an idea of how much our wee tyke loves her baths and how much she splashes about we thought this picture of my jeans after the bath might give you a good idea!

And also, because we know she is the only reason you even stop by the blog ;-) have a picture of Naomi enjoying the sunshine in Loughborough today

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