Tuesday 24 April 2012


Some weeks ago now we were near the end of a bubble-bath bottle, and opted for a bumper load of bubbles so the bottle could be cleaned out completely. Naomi seems to find bubble fascinating!

In the past month or so, she's also got in to shoes in a big way. Taking off her one ones seems quite fun (resulting in a couple of near-misses with losing them), but even better is putting on someone else's shoes.  Mummy's slipper boots are quite good for this, but pretty much anything will do. She's developed something of an affinity for putting rings (such as the big plastic ones for her bathtime hippos) on her legs and arms too, being quite happy to sit for the whole of bathtime with those things on.

Anyway, here she is with my shoes - she can even take a few steps in them before falling over...

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