Saturday 7 April 2012

Sunny Days!

Recently I did a post telling you about the kinds of things that Naomi and I get up to on rainy days but by far our favourite days are where we are able to get out and about.  We've had a really good run of good days recently (although not so much this week) so I thought you'd like to see some photos I've taken of Naomi while we've been out on our various walks and trips.

This day we went to the park which has a large area of sand which is good for digging and walking around (it also has a slide in it which is increasingly Naomi's favourite thing to play on).  At the time Naomi didn't own a bucket or spade but some other boys and girls were happy to share theirs, so here Naomi does lots of digging and patting of sand, she was having a blast!

Naomi just loves walking around, so we went for a walk to a wee play area near the house, we don't go there very often as it technically belongs to some houses that all pay for it's upkeep, but sometimes we go for a cheeky wee play as it rarely seems to get used.  This day Naomi seemed to discover she had a shadow and we spent about 5 minutes just chasing our shadows, I wish you could have seen the way she was flapping her arms and being fascinated that when she did something her shadow did the same!

We wondered a bit further later on but when we got to a place where it was safe I let Naomi out the buggy to have a bit of a wander.  Great fun was had by pushing on the nappy bag which was hanging on the back of the buggy, this was the day we discovered that even though we are small we are able to make the buggy go places!

Another recent discovery is kicking/running after a ball, great fun to be had.  I'm particularly fond of this game as it can be played in our back garden so it doesn't need to be a huge expedition!

Finally, if all else fails, we can have a snack in the sun

Thanks for reading!

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