Saturday 7 April 2012

EAT update

It was a very long time ago we started so if you need to remind yourself what it is all about then you can read about it here but Naomi is still part of a study run by Guys and St Thomas's hospital in London looking at food allergies in babies/children.  We had to go back to the hospital in London recently for them to do a check up and a few blood tests.

As is the way with an active toddler I didn't get so many photos but I have a few to share, you'll be pleased to know, too, that Naomi is still allergy free!

Naomi and dolly enjoying a snack and a drink on the train

It's lots of fun to sit on Mummy's knee!
while negotiating London it all became a bit too much so we had to have a sleep!
Exploring the train

Refusing to stay still to allow for a non-blurry photo!
And to finish, a photo of Naomi feeding herself, she has recently become very adept at a spoon, which is quite nice as it now means Sandy and I can concentrate on feeding ourselves while Naomi sorts herself out!  Of course, she now refuses to be fed by us which can be an issue if the food in question is particularly tricky.  Thankfully she's getting better and better every day!

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