Wednesday 25 July 2012


At the start of July (seems ages ago now!), my brother Ian got an apartment in the lake district for a week for a holiday with our parents. Jay, Naomi and I were able to join them for the first few days for a bit of a break before I shot off to America. It was a part of a bigger house (a former school) in the countryside near Boness on Windermere, a lovely place to stay.

It came with a big patch of grass that Naomi loved to run around in:

Here's the building itself, our apartment covered most of the left part of the first floor.

The view from our dining room, with Windermere visible through the trees:

Naomi arranged herself a special seat in the living room:

It was a relaxed few days, mostly just playing games and walking about. Ian and I had a shot on the putting green in some impressive rain! On the last day we went for a chocolate covered ice cream, and Naomi had a lot of fun as we were outside for much of the day. Here she is with her Uncle Ian:

Here's my dad being eyeballed by a swan:
A friendly swan greets Naomi on the way out...

All in all a great trip, and only a couple of hours drive from Loughborough. Unfortunately we had to cut it short as I had a meeting on 4 July, and was off to the US on the 5th...

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