Sunday 29 July 2012


We'll catch up on the banter from Scotland shortly, but meantime I thought I'd share a great thing that happened tonight. I was supervising Naomi in the bath and she started washing my face. Reaching out of the bath, she tipped some imaginary soap from one of the closed bottles on the side of the bath onto her hands, then reached up and rubbed my cheeks. She then followed up with a rinse, and this went on for a good few minutes until my face was completely done. All very gentle (some things like this that she does are quite firm!) and she was really enjoying it.

It's not really the first time, she's given it a go before and Jay informs me that she also received similar treatment while I was away, but tonight it went on for a good long time and it really hit me how quickly our little girl it learning and growing up. I also love how in her own wee way she's already good at looking after others :-)

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