Thursday 21 March 2013


So, we had been planning on weaning Miriam after we got back from our next trip to Scotland as it is only a couple of weeks away.  Our baby was just too hungry, though, so I thought I would try her with a little bit of baby rice.

Here she is waiting with anticipation

As an aside, this failed photo shows a very cool hair style!

Here she is after the first spoonful, she took a moment to decide how she felt

But very quickly she decided that she LOVED it!

And indeed as soon as it finished (despite being given what I thought was quite a large first ever portion) she let me know she was sad about it

Today she has also had some banana and I can tell you that she is LOVING food, just like her big sister did!

I also thought I would share this picture from last thing before bed as we were getting changed after a shared bath


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