Friday 1 March 2013

Terrific Twos!

Naomi has worked out she is two! Obviously she turned two a few weeks ago but it seems to have taken her till now to find the behaviour that most people associate with being two.  If I'm being honest I am struggling with the transition to this phase, I feel like I now spend all day every day shouting and I don't enjoy it.  As with many things in life when it all feels too hard I like to try and find some humour, so here is a list of things that may (or may not, who knows?) be the latest cause of one of Naomi's tantrums...

It is time to get up
It is time to go to bed
It is time to wear clothes
It is time to put on a nappy
It is time to have her nappy changed
Having asked to sit on the potty she now doesn't want to sit on the potty
Her sister is sleeping (so not playing with her)
Her sister is not sleeping (so taking up my time)
It is time to get in the buggy
It is time to leave the house
It is time to leave toddler group
It is not time to go to 'Kate's House' (she wants to go to this particular friends house, all the time!)
Lunch doesn't feature sausages
Dinner does feature sausages
I won't let her watch "pocket pocket" (a cbeebies programme called Grandpa in my pocket)
I won't let her play with kitchen knives
Large items won't fit into small holes
Water is wet
We have run out of juice
We have run out of raisins
I have suggested that we should drink water (not juice)
I won't let her get in the oven
Fruit is a finite resource
I asked her to wear a hairslide
Her hairslide fell out
Random piece of clothing won't stay on dolly
One of Miriam's dresses won't fit on Naomi
Miriam isn't wearing socks (probably because Naomi just took them off)
Miriam is wearing socks
She wants to go "that way"
Miriam won't let her eye be poked
I won't let my eye be poked
Sandy won't let his eye be poked
I won't let her phone 999 (again!!)
Breakfast was served in a bowl not decorated with peppa pig
I won't let her wear her wellies in bed
I won't let her take every book she owns to bed
I won't let her have calpol for no reason
Life is just tough

All that said, I do love her!


  1. Haha....what an enjoyable (and so flippin true) list! I have a son nearly 3 and a daughter who will be 2 in May so I can hear myself saying these things to my toddlers. X

    1. I can't believe the subject of some of her tantrums! And the fury that can come from (and this happened literally a few days ago) not being able to fit a round peg into a square hole!