Tuesday 19 March 2013


We commence today's post with something that mildly brightened my day recently. In the midst of a proper Midlands fog day, a bunch of workers came out and finally cleared the cycle path that takes me to the university. In the distance (on the right) you can just about make out the resulting vertical wall of bushes, which used to cut right across my path and made for some nasty twig-related pain in the dark of winter.

Next up, Naomi is getting better at playing with her sister, although it can still get a bit rough sometimes. Here she is demonstrating the baby gym.

This past weekend, we met up with my sister and her family at my Uncle's. Her children were fascinated by Naomi when she was small (and now - with no end of mischief...), and the same applied to Miriam.

My sister also gave us a load of old clothes that now fit Naomi, including some dressing up stuff. the result is that she's almost permanently Peppa Pig at the moment. She can even put the costume on all by herself!

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