Monday 22 April 2013


So, here's part 2 of our Scottish holidays. Apologies for the lack of posting at the moment, things are a bit hectic with us - and we have a bit of a backlog of news to work through!

What better way to open a blogpost than with a picture of a teepee? During our time at Granny and Granddad's (Jay's parents), we had a lovely visit to Castle Fraser, where Naomi has a good run around the various outdoor things that they have.

On arrival at Grandma and Granddad's (my parents), I was quite taken by the hot news in the local paper. Yes, it was a gripping read.

Naomi had some good fun with her cousins, and had a few trips to the park in Keig and New Deer. She climbed on this toy all by herself!

Here she is with the little red car I used to play with when I was small. Interesting to note that she can't work the weir pedals inside either! (they go back-and-forward instead of round-and-round)

Playing on my old swing...

I also quite enjoyed Naomi playing with her cousins. A classic example, where I suspect that Naomi's got the better deal:

Now, on to the wedding. My brother Ian and his now wife Christine had a fantastic day, getting married in Fochabers. We'll do a blog post focused on just that once we've got some more pictures through, but for now here's the ones I took. We start with a picture I took at the reception - in case you're worried Ian is only three years younger than me - this picture was taken a long time ago and featured in a selection of embarrassing child pictures all around the church hall. (this was a great idea: straight after the wedding itself there were tea and cakes in the church hall while all the photos were taken, then we headed to the reception hotel in a much more relaxed and not ridiculously hungry state!) I took this one for incorporation into my best man speech, but I didn't have time to include it in the end.

Here is the picture of a standing ovation at my amazing speech. If you were there, you can really appreciate this :)

The packed reception venue, home of some good ceilidh action.

A puzzling arrangement in the shower.What does this button do? My uncle is a plumber and he didn't even know.

Dinner with the Brownlees a day after the wedding. Here's Naomi with a child's portion ice cream. Can she eat it all?


Some great playing on the way home to Loughborough!

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