Friday 26 April 2013

Top ten ways to know you have a toddler in the house...

  1. If you are unable to find anything you look in the toddler's toy box and the fridge just to rule them out, but more often than you should you find the thing you were looking for
  2. Nothing (of any importance) is kept below a height of 2.5 feet.
  3. You wash the soap before you use it.
  4. Running out of bananas or raisins is considered an emergency where remedial action is require immediately!
  5. It is hard to find a plate or bowl in your kitchen unless you want to eat off something plastic.
  6. Your favourite DVD boxset is impossible to find as it is buried beneath a large pile of Peppa Pig DVDs.
  7. You need to check there is toilet paper before you sit down on the toilet as a helpful wee soul may have moved it all for you when you weren't looking.
  8. Knowing you need to make a 'phone call during business hours sends a shiver down your spine as you have a sense of dread with regards to the destruction that can be done during even a two minute call.
  9. In order to make a meal you must first hunt down your saucepan which was stolen earlier in the day for a game of make-believe kitchens.
  10. Wherever you look there is a sea of half eaten bits of fruit that were requested then discarded within moments of each other.


  1. Think this all still applies at pre-school she lol

  2. Oh so with you with having dried fruit and bananas in the house.It doesn't change either when they get older.And the loo roll ends up whole in the loo.