Saturday 15 June 2013

Emotions II

When Naomi was a couple of months old we did this post about all her emerging emotions.  Unfortunately we are at a slight disadvantage for making a similar post for Miriam, perhaps these photos will explain why...

Happy looking at Mummy

Happy playing with toys 
Happy Having drunk some milk

Happy despite being strangled

Happy while bouncing

Still happy bouncing

Happy on the floor

Happy having a cuddle

Happy having woken up

Happy looking beautiful
However, just to prove that we do occasionally see other expressions I would like to share with you these two


And we seem to be in no doubt that she is unhappy if you wipe her nose
But as you can see, the other emotions are hard to capture on film as she spends the majority of her time smiling and being happy.  What a blessing to be parent to such a happy baby!


  1. Hooray! Beautiful photo's. :)

  2. It is hard not to take beautiful photos when the subject of one's photos is so beautiful