Sunday 9 June 2013


We're starting to have our "last" things in Loughborough. Last Sunday was what's likely to be my last stint on van driving for the church. This is great, aside from being a simple job that's really appreciated, you also get to drive a van! Here it is fully loaded up to take around to Mountfields School, the venue for our church.

I'm sure (alright, I know) there are really good reasons for blurring out numberplates!  My main motivation today was humour though.
Today is likely to have been my last stint doing AV stuff as part of the Sunday gathering - the next few weeks I'm going to be trying to give practice to the new recruits on the team so while I can be around to help (not that they really need it - both the guys are doing just fine).

My last cell group is coming up fast - we've only being going about a year or so but we've had some really good nights and it's been a real pleasure to join these guys on their different journeys. The last couple of months we've had a really worthwhile dig through a book on science and God's creation (most of us being scientists, engineers or simply interested in such things), and more importantly we've all been able to prayerfully support each other with coming uncertainty and difficult things we've encountered.

We're really going to miss being here - and how much Loughborough has been a part of us is reflected in the huge number of "lasts" that are coming over the next couple of weeks.

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