Friday 28 June 2013

You know you're (back) in Scotland when...

I am sure you would all love to see some photos of the house but we're waiting till a bit more unpacking has taken place first.  For now I thought you'd like my top ten observations on things I have noticed about being (back) in Scotland...

1. You hang your washing out to dry then pack a waterproof coat for going for a walk, all in the space of 15 minutes.

2. Cash machines give you Scottish bank notes.

3.  People have Scottish accents (I know this is obvious but it is still taking me by surprise).

4. Renting a house is not nearly so expensive as it was when we lived in England!

5.  There are hills, it is difficult to push the buggy up them.

6.  People and houses are further apart, there is more space.

7.  Just because it is warm doesn't mean it is dry.

8.  The water tastes amazing and tea doesn't have "bits" floating in it.

9.  Driving for an hour to get to the nearest "thing" is just what you need to do because "things" are just that far away.

10. Your local news (certainly on the BBC) covers 5 million people and more 30,000 square miles (so isn't all that local).

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