Thursday 25 July 2013

Grandma and Grandad came to stay

Sandy's Mum and Dad have been for a visit.  Originally they were coming so I could finish unpacking but we had managed surprisingly well and so we used the time to play, have fun and rest as much as possible!

Here are a few photos from their visit.

 Lots of sunshine meant lots of playing in the garden

 One day we all went down to see Daddy at work and have a picnic for lunch

here is the lake on campus
One night Edna and Alasdair baby sat so we could go out on a date.  We went for a Nandos as I had a voucher given to me when I left PlayTime (a toddler group in Loughborough) then we went for a lovely walk around near the house.

Grandma shows that you never lose those multitasking skills by taking the children to the park.

The children with Grandma and Grandad

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