Thursday 25 July 2013

Sorry for the radio silence!

Life has been a little hectic with all the moving and such but here are some photos/stories/goings on by way of some updates!

I have been finding life a little tough without toddler groups as that is something we did a lot of in Loughborough.  We will do toddler groups soon but it is the school holidays here and has been since we arrived and so instead we have been going to the park!

We have been really lucky with some beautiful weather since we arrived so we have been touring all the parks to see which ones are best.

This one is a fair walk from the house but it's lots of fun and has a toilet for our potty trained toddler!

surveying the scene

\Naomi can now climb into this unaided!
 Miriam is now an absolute fiend at eating, here you can see her eating some french toast, not bad when you consider she only has two teeth!

Favourite activity of the moment, for Miriam, is to swing!

Here we are swinging together!

On my way home from the "big" park we have this lovely view, stunning!

Miriam got some rare time with mummy to herself as her sister fell asleep in the buggy one day, as you can see we had fun together.

Lots of sunshine means lots of lunches in the garden

More swinging!

Naomi is learning to share.  For her age I think she does an admirable job.  She is very keen to share and indeed naturally seems inclined to make sure that everyone has something to play with.  That said, she is very inclined to make sure she gets the best "thing" (whatever that may be) for herself.  I told her she could only have the toy she was trying to snatch from her sister if she replaced it with something else.  Naomi promptly found Miriam a clothes peg! Not quite what I had in mind!  This photo sums it up perfectly, Naomi was picking daisies and wanted Mummy to have one too, as you can see, though, she kept the best (bigger is always better when you are two) for herself!

 I love this photo of Naomi in her chosen outfit for the day ready to go to the shops!

Miriam had a taste of mango here, she enjoyed it lots, although was a little frustrated by its slippery nature.

this photo makes me smile just because it gives me hope that one day, rather than having to constantly protect Miriam from an overbearing Naomi, they will learn to play together.  This particular day I was very poorly and mummying all had to be done from the sofa so lots of non-squabbling was much appreciated!

A random photo of Naomi enjoying the garden in the new house.  The garden is easily the best bit about our new house!

I recently went down to Loughborough for a night to celebrate with my good friends Kate and Shayne who have been married for 10 years! (Sandy and I get to celebrate that particular milestone next month).  For a variety of reasons we decided it would be too much to take the who family down and so I went down on my own.  With no children.  Alone! This resulted in a very exciting prospect of managing to read a whole book!  It was a very fun night and I was really pleased to come back to some girls (and a husband) who had missed me and gave me awesome cuddles and amazing smiles.  Less good was that Miriam woke frequently over the night to make sure I hadn't gone away again.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some!

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