Saturday 7 June 2014


It's a couple of weeks now since we headed North for a weekend with my parents.  My Dad recently turned 70 and it was just the occasion for a family get together.  My brother,  sisters and all their partners and offspring managed to come. It was a really special day and one of the things I really like is how close our family are. Needless to say the girls really enjoyed being around so many people, especially their cousins.

It was also great for us all to remind my Dad how loved he is. He's a man that's grounded in God, and a great father, with a patient and relaxed nature that is incomparable. He has just the right priorities: God first, family next and all people next. Work and money follow simply as means to do the right thing. I'd like to think that I stick with the same principles, and if I can get to 70 having brought up my children half as well, I'll consider myself well blessed. So - to Dad, thanks for being you. :)

Time for a quick round of pictures...

Naomi having fun with her cousin.
Thanks to the magic of automated camera capers, this is everyone!
This is in the back garden of my parents' house in New Deer.
Many happy memories here.
All the children
A jolly spiffing dinner at the Saplinbrae ensued.
There's so many of us that we got a private room!
Obligatory cake shot.
Obligatory action shot.

There were two tired girls in the back of the car on the way home.

After lunch with my brother just along from Banff, we took the A9 to return south.
Wow, is Scotland pretty!

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