Wednesday 25 June 2014


We got a really nice video of Miriam playing yesterday which is well worth sharing. She's growing up really fast at the moment, it seems there are new words every day, she's getting better at communicating and has developed a wonderful personality. She's fascinated by her big sister, loves to copy what Mummy, Daddy and Naomi are doing, and one of the best things is that she likes to take care of us. So she gets most insistent when we get a snack or drink for her that we get one for Naomi too; if she sees us tidying she tries to help; and if she sees that someone is sad she gives them a hug.

Here she is making some tea for everyone. It also starts off with her "definite nodding" which she's really got the hang of now. (plus if you listen carefully you can hear her word for "Naomi", which is still quite similar to "Mummy")

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