Tuesday 10 June 2014

Button Jar

Naomi has a button jar, basically it is for rewarding her in a similar way to a sticker chart but with fewer stickers getting stuck EVERYWHERE!


I couldn't find a small enough jar so there is a line on this one that she needs to get up to (you can just about see it here).  The basic principle is that she gets a button for being "good", so she gets one for getting dressed nicely and without fuss, or for eating her dinner without using her hands and making a mess or for going to the toilet on her own (a current "issue).  She also gets them for sharing nicely with her sister or for helping me around the house without needing to be coerced!

When her button jar is full she gets a treat.  We tend to make it a slightly bigger thing, after all she has to earn a lot of buttons first!  Sometimes I take her to soft play or sometimes we let her choose a parent to to take her to a cafe on her own for some one on one time (and a cake and some juice, of course!)

Her treat this time was a little different, we had bought for her some Peppa Pig characters to go in her Peppa Pig house because we were sad that having been handed down it didn't have a Peppa Pig!! So this time she got her figures.  Here she is enjoying her haul (we asked her what she thought she was going to get and she guessed a biscuit, so she was very happy!!)

here she is enjoying it in my first attempt at a photo, she had a nicer smile here, not that you'd know!

The best bit, was however getting to play with it all in situ (you can see from these photos that Naomi spends most of her life wearing plastic high heeled shoes, or princess shoes, as she calls them!)

And a final wee photo for you, Naomi enjoyed setting up this scene where Peppa and George (the children) are sleeping in bed and Mummy and Daddy Pig are downstairs watching telly!!

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