Sunday 23 November 2014


Just a quick one today. Miriam is going through a ridiculously cute phase at the moment, where she has just learned about shadows.

"Hello shadow" she says, and then waves, and gets excited because the shadow waves back (this being an extension of waving at everything just now - planes, birds, trees, houses, cars, balloons, the nursery, sometimes even people). This means that trips anywhere during the wintry period of low sun and long shadows have become quite tedious - constantly looking back to see the shadow. Walking under streetlights, every one is a new piece of fun: "Shadow gone!" then being doubly excited "Shadow back!"

A truly fun part of parenting.

Daddy learns too late that using the flash makes the shadow go away.
Ho-hum, every day's a school day.

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  1. I love this. Such a cute image. I remember when Callum first spotted shadows but he used to like walking on my shadow or having a shadow race and used to get upset that my shadow won (because it was longer)