Sunday 23 November 2014


As Naomi grows up, her speech is now getting very good. We wanted to keep track of some of her toddler-isms, one or two of which remain but will no doubt go once she learns to talk "propa-like"...

Hungee - hungry
Cuggle - still cute, cuddle
Hip hops - hiccups
Tiewad - tired
Plastic - plaster
Racket - cracker
Pincense - Princess
Heeooowl - hole. she still does this, and now Miriam's picked it up too. The sound is a bit like the RP way of saying it, but with a Scottish slant, so more of an "ooh" sound.
Appy - nappy
I'm exciting - "I'm excited"
Ninner - the last meal of the day.
Man-ma - Grandma, that's my mum. Bizarre in part because she can easily make all the constituent sounds, but also because Miriam managed the word just fine. Also "Granny" (Jay's mum) seems to be said quite proficiently.

Also, a few phrases that managed excessive use over time:

"What ya doin?" - actually, I think this is a phrase I use that she's picked up. Sorry about that.
"What's that noise" - especially precious during the church's 2 minute silence last year. Miriam's adopted this one now, often following flatulence.
Silly me - she still does this. Usually following classic sit-com style situations.
"Oh", with shoulder drop and head tilt - upon realising something particularly obvious.
"Xxx is my best friend" - not just people, but everything - sometimes even non-nouns.
It's hiding - anything that can't be found.
clip-clops - posh shoes. Her dressing-up high heels have bits in them so the click on the floor, I guess that's where this word comes from...
clip-clops-wellies - posh boots

midlives - well, this term is quite a new one. You can maybe guess why...

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  1. Oh I love toddler-isms, they are so cute. Cuggles are the best :)