Sunday 2 November 2014

Lydia Finlay Hannah Brownlee

Hello everyone! We thought we ought to update you to the presence of a new person in our lives!

Here is Lydia, born on Thursday October 30th at 1.40pm at home as planned. It had been a long slog to get there and she was perfect, as you can see I was exhausted.

Here are lots more photos, as you can see lots of them are at the hospital, Lydia was perfect but I added a wee bit of drama to proceedings by needing a bit of hospital treatment.  It was a scary wee while but we are all good now and learning to be a family of five!

Naomi and Miriam are learning to be gentle with their affection but they love their new sister lots

Sandy loves Lydia too

And here is the reward I have been looking forward to for around 9 months! (I did share the cheese)


  1. Congratulations and sorry it was a little more traumatic than you hoped it would be and hope you are recovering well xx

  2. Congratulations, you have such a beautiful family. So glad you're ok now & she's here safe & sound. Hxx