Monday 8 December 2014


Okay, this is a month late but something has been eating up spare time the past few weeks!

I had a few pictures from around the birth that didn't make it into Jay's post on the matter. I thought they might add a little more insight into events, so here they are.

First up, our home birth was planned, so it was a bit different to the last minute affair that I blessed my parents with! Two midwives came to look after us, and ahead of time delivered a whole load of kit (including the much needed gas and air) so things were ready to go when the time came. We even had time to clear up the living room - here it all is ready to go...

Of course, most of you know that the birth all went fine, but soon after, I was presented with a baby and told to get her dressed, because we'd need to head to hospital after all. We cannot fault the midwives - they were calm and quick to move and very much in control. Although it was obvious that things were serious there was never any panic. The paramedics that came were excellent too. Needless to say there was a lot of prayer on the rapid drive to the hospital (I'd say following the ambulance, but quick a car as Trevor is he'd never have kept up!) and it was quite a sight to walk into a room with something like 12 medical staff of various types surrounding my wife. Thanks to God for putting all those things and people in place to make sure we'd be fine, and all those who helped during that time. A month on, it's happily fading a little now.

The following day, I took the girls down to meet their new sister, and during the long wait for clearance to leave, we made use of the play park in the hospital grounds. What a great relief that was!

Trauma aside, it was all worth it to meet this person :)

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