Saturday 6 December 2014


Naomi and Miriam are both pretty very creative with drawing and painting. Most parents will be familiar with the issue of what to do with your offspring's delightful works - it's hard to throw any of them away but there is so much it quickly becomes a fire hazard! Our solution to this is to get a photo of every creation, and recycle the physical version. We are intending at some point to have a spot where we can put up the most recent piece of art for display - but haven't quite got round to it yet.

Anyway, we've a few of the really good ones to show off...

 Naomi's family portrait, before the Lydia arrived. Spot the baby in mummy's tummy!

Miriam goes for more of a Jackson Pollock approach 
We asked her what "it" was. It is what you think.

Naomi's self portrait

Also - Naomi can now write her name.

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