Saturday 11 April 2015


Some more travels... this time I was off to York. You might remember that last year I took part in a "coding jam" - a few of us got together to write some code for a challenge at a conference. In the end we missed out on the first prize last time but a few of us decided to have another go for this year's challenge. Many people in our project got together in London again, but the group I was making preparations with were all either from Stirling or York, so we spent a couple of days at each of those places instead. Our focus was on optimising a Java library called Guava so tat when it runs it uses less power. Initial results are promising so we'll see how the paper does when it goes to the conference!

Here's a few shots of the University of York...

My room - which looked like it was going to be a glorified halls of residence job - was actually quite nice

Computer Science is in a very new part of the campus

The trend now seems to be for new university campuses to have artificial lakes, though I'm told this one is almost real as it's in a flood plain. Hooray!

A real lake in the older part of campus.

Hey, it's a 60s university. Got to have a UFO-inspired building!

My room was 006. That's the one played by Sean Bean in GoldenEye. He doesn't get as many cool toys as 007.

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