Wednesday 24 June 2015

Birthday Parties

Neither Sandy nor I know how this has come about, having never been one ourselves, but Naomi seems to be one of the "popular" kids! She has lots of friends and as such we have just had a wee run of birthday parties to enjoy. I don't have photos of them all but here are a few

Party number 1, sporting beautiful hair
Ready to go with present and card in hand
By the end of party number 2 she had beautiful face paints!
Party number 3 saw Miriam and Lydia being allowed to go too (which made Miriam happy, I think she was getting sad to be left behind while Naomi went to something fun!)  - it was an "Alice in Wonderland" theme and very well done!

This is actually a cat costume (Miriam was being the Cheshire Cat, although ironically I couldn't get her to smile for the camera!)

Lydia went as the white rabbit!

In the background of lunch you can see a very impressive Mad Hatter (otherwise known as the birthday girl's Uncle!)

An impressive spread for lunch
Some of the best party bags ever, they contained clocks with pictures the children had coloured in.  Their bedroom is now overloaded with TIME!!!

And for some shameless parental bragging, look how good Naomi has got at writing birthday cards!

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