Saturday 27 June 2015


A nice selection of the girls at play. It's really great seeing all the sisters enjoying each others' company :-)

The wooden trains remain particularly popular - especially with Miriam.

Of course, we frequently have "mummy and baby" type play at the moment...

Given that none of us have been there for at least a couple of months now, I'm not sure what prompted the girls to have a go at playing "dentists" while in the bath recently...

All three of them chilling out before bedtime...

Naomi still enjoys her craft. I really liked the happy face that she'd made here.

"I know what you're up to"

Naomi, Miriam and I went to the park last weekend. Here's Naomi, who has now figured out how to run and jump onto the spinning cup so she can spin herself.

Finally, here they are playing hide and seek, with some proper childlike hiding.

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