Sunday 21 June 2015

End of nursery

Well, I blinked, and just like that it is time for Naomi to finish nursery and instead go to school! It only feels like a couple of weeks ago that she started going to nursery at all.  One week left of term before the summer holidays and so we've had a few wee events for Naomi to mark the occasion. 

Nursery put on an event for the children to show what they have been doing to prepare for school, they've been learning about getting dressed, crossing the road, how to deal with being worried and of course all the practicalities about where the class room is, how to find the toilets and where to go to get lunch!

The whole theme for transition has been built round the theme of "The Rescuers" (a film that I watched as a child, in fact I am fairly sure I had it on VHS!)  Here are the children singing their song, talking about being brave.

Here is Naomi receiving a certificate and some examples of the work she has done in nursery.

The person who is giving Naomi her certificate is Christine who was Naomi's keyworker, she has been really good for Naomi and I have always felt she does her job very well. As it happens she has gone to a new job and although we wish her well I am sad she isn't still in the nursery, I had hoped she might be Miriam's keyworker when the time came.  Here is Naomi making a card to say thank you for being such a good keyworker (Miriam joined in too).

Next week sees a trip to a farm and a party so there's still plenty of fun to fit into those last few days, I am ready for the holidays though, I am looking forward to not having to get everyone out the door by 8.35am!

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