Saturday 11 July 2015

Holidays week two.

Holidays are continuing here, we have just finished week two. With this in mind, in no particular order, here is another selection of our goings on!


Lydia looking very pleased with herself for having managed to get a plastic bag, from the look on her face when I found her I would suggest she knew she wasn't supposed to have it!

I was making our packed lunches one day and I realised my baby isn't such a baby any more

On Wednesday this week we went on a train and went to Glasgow for the day



Cat gets some lunch too :-)
If you've got a spare £2500 you can buy an enormous giraffe!

I let them buy a toy


Naomi poses for the camera

Naomi drives a fire truck

And Miriam a bus

A massive slide

Playing with her new dolly

Naomi too
 Another baby is not such a baby any more so I am sewing her school uniform this week!

Mum and Dad were here for a day or two, today they took us for lunch (thanks Mum and Dad!). I ordered a "skewer" (as did Grandma who is also visiting and joined us for the occasion) but I wasn't expecting it to be nearly so vertical!

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