Saturday 25 July 2015


Some more holiday goings-on...

Quite a pleasing layout for the trains

Lydia is no longer in the Bumbo, having joined us at the table. This has meant a rearrangement with nearly everyone swapping chairs, and now my mealtime view is this!

The girls helped me to make some real lemonade! Recipe is lemons, crushed ice, water, and LOTS of sugar. Excellent.

Jay's already posted a couple of pictures from our trip to Glasgow with Uncle Ian - here are some more....
We all got a ride on the train

And Miriam drove the bus... 
Miriam also had a go on the big slide, but her Mummy helped.

It was good fun!

Uncle Ian also helped read stories 
Grandma also came to stay, and we all went for a treat at the shop.
I quite liked Lydia's expression in this one

Naomi drew this of her family! Isn't it good? Left to right it's Naomi, Mummy, Lydia, Daddy (as a girl apparently) and Miriam. 
I also liked Naomi's dressing up skills here.

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