Sunday 6 December 2015


So a little while back Microsoft gave me some free use of their cloud computing facilities - which I used for the work on airports and aircraft taxiing. They seem to have liked what I did, so they wanted to make a blogpost and a video about it. They also wanted to do filming with the people I worked with in Nottingham and at Manchester airport, so it worked out much simpler for me to visit Nottingham rather than having their team from Seattle touring the length of Britain.

This meant that a couple of weeks ago I had a wee trip back to the East Midlands, and since I was there anyway I took a quick detour to Loughborough University to catch up with some work there.

Night 1 (after a much-delayed flight from Edinburgh) was at the glamorous Travelodge - Nottingham EM Airport Donington Park M1. Take in that lovely view from my window!

I hired a car for all the back-and-forth around EM. That 183 is the total miles that the car has done! I have *never* driven a car this new.

The second night I stayed in Nottingham at the P&J Hotel (residents of anywhere in the north of Scotland will get why this was a bit odd). Certainly a bit more character! Actually quite a nice place to stay.

Part of the "character" was the long winding route to my room! I do like places like that.

This path runs along most of the buildings at the University of Nottingham's Jubilee Campus, where Computer Science is located. I walked along this many times until we got enough shots on camera of me walking.

The ever-impressive Lufbra Civil engineering building.

My hire car. I've included this just because I liked the carful of beer next to it! You'd think it was a student car park or something.

As someone used to being on the other side of the camera (albeit a few years back now) the filing was a strange experience. For one thing, I have never worn makeup before! We also spent a long time with me looking busy in front of a computer and looking busily engaged in conversation. The video will appear in the next month or so - depending on how nicely I come over I'll maybe post it when it's online!

It was also great to catch up with a few folk at LU again too. Hopefully next time I'll have enough time for a trip into the town to see some non-uni friends - sorry it was such a flying visit this time.

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