Saturday 5 December 2015


is the magic number!

Miriam is now THREE. She makes sure you know it whenever she can. We spread the festivities over two days, her actual birthday and a party a couple of days before...

Tricolour jelly in preparation for the party

The problem with doing excellent cakes is that Jay needs to do a better one every year!

Party food!

Party games!
Miriam and Connie trying our her new doctor set

Dr. Brownlee will see you now.

More party food!

Early morning presents on the real birthday

"I like firefighters!" Miriam and Naomi then proceeded to use the megaphone (which actually works by the way) to warm everyone to "STAND BACK FROM THE FIRE" for several days following.
More train tracks - the day really can't get any better.

Fun times had by all.

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