Saturday 25 February 2017


Having settled in to the new house, I've been on another couple of trips.

First was another Crest Open Workshop - the COW - but this time quite exciting, in that I'd been invited to give a talk on my work. Specifically on some work I've done with the airline KLM to improve some of their software. You can see a video of it (about 25 minutes) here if you like. Another trip to London, but I didn't get to visit Heather this time as speakers are expected to stick around a actually "speak" with people!

I was also in Sheffield for two days at a workshop run by EPSRC - one of the UK Government's research councils - to learn about research funding. Besides the workshop (which was very good!) there were two other highlights for me. First, the James Bond style that my room key was presented in...

Second, I took a quick walk through the arches under the former Great Central Railway (Sheffield Victoria Station) that I'd spotted on my last visit. This is the Cobweb Bridge, can you see why? :)

The former station hotel
One more thing - it was Valentine's day not so long ago. Jay and I did get out on a proper date - meal and cinema thanks to my parents visiting!

Two other things worth sharing from the day. Naomi made me this card, which I thought brilliant...

I also saw these at work. I love working in a university :)

Maths humour is fun!

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